Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cross Racing

This past weekend I decided to pack up the cross bike and head to Cedar Rapids for the Morgan Creek Park Cross Race put on by the Hawkeye Bicycle Association. This was the first team I ever belonged too, and owe the guys a lot of praise and thanks for everything they did to get me where I am at today! Another good part of the weekend, is that my parents, sister and aunt/uncle live in Cedar Rapids, and my grandparents were also down from Decorah. So I drove down Saturday after work and spent the evening with the family catching up, relaxing, watching football and having a great time.

The best part of the weekend yet was that the race was about 1 mile from my parents house! So I got up, took my time, watched the European cross race via internet stream, had a great breakfast and then road to the course to register and get my number. Was able to watch my newest coaching clients John Adamson and Kathleen Porter put in some great work in the masters races! So after, I rode home, pinned my number and had a quick bite to eat before the race, before heading back.

I haven't raced cross since last season (Jinglecross) and really haven't worked on dismounts/remounts, etc....so I went into the race with an open mind, and not expecting anything, but to have fun! I lined up with the other 25-30 riders and got rolling around 12pm. I settled into about 10th wheel after the start and tried to pick off some riders on the power sections of the course. My technical skills need some work, but weren't as bad as I thought. I did lay it down on some loose gravel half-way through the first lap, and lost about 5-10spots. I spent the next 3 laps or so picking off riders, and soon was able to catch up with Mario to battle for 3rd spot. He is a pretty good technical rider, and was able to bunny-hop the log on course and the only time I tried it, I endoed over the front of the bike. Ouch is right. So I lost time to him and never regained contact after chasing the last 2 laps, and finished with a 4th place finish. It was a fun time, and I wish I had more time to do more this season, but a poor graduate student can only work so many times during the week, and most are days on the weekend.

One thing to remember from this race! Wear gloves (my hands look like I took sandpaper to them).

It was nice to see my niece (Brooklyn). She is such a cutie, and is almost walking, but crawls all over the place! Spent the rest of the day watching the Raiders get a great win!

In other news, school is getting closer to being done. I have completed my data research and now look forward to defending my thesis and graduating with my Master of Exercise Physiology degree in December!!! Bethany and I are doing Farrell's Extreme Bodyshaping right now thank you to my client Lauri Lumm. It is a great strength routine and is going to be great for my functional strength training for next season! I am not going to lose 40lbs, but I look to tone up the body and gain some strength in the process!

That is it for now, stay tuned, as a few job opportunities have revealed themselves to me and I have a couple interviews in the next few weeks!!!!

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