Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Well my season has been cut short by an injury. Was planning on dominating the Olympic distance this weekend at the Peregrine Charities Triathlon. Was really pumped for it a couple weeks ago, but after my great first running race ever, I discovered that I had injured my SI joint. This is the first time I have ever had to cut something short because of an injury, and it is quite disheartening. With all my years of swimming, nothing ever happened, except for a small bout of inflammation junior year which was taken care of quickly. My body felt ready, but really wasn't ready to handle a 6 mile road race as fast as you can that is something I'll learn from.

This joint attaches your sacrum and illium, and boy did it ever hurt. I went to the chiropractor this past week for some adjustments and he discovered via standing x-ray that I actually have an 8mm shorter right leg. So I now have an 8mm heel lift in my shoes. This made my hips even again, and feels better.

Unfortunately, I went out and tried to run yesterday and didn't even make it a block before I had to call it quits. So this adds insult to the all-ready lackluster season I had...speaking of the bike. I'll offer a recap at some point, but I wish the year would have gone better, just never had any luck, and a bout of over-training did me in as well.

But on the bright side, I'll take a week or so recovery and gear up for some cyclocross action. Had a great time last year, and its a great way to stay in shape! I have been swimming very consistently, and I am starting to feel really good in the water again. This will hopefully help a lot with next season!

In other news, my thesis is coming along nicely and I hope to be graduated in December. As for plans after that, no idea!! Bethany and I are toying with idea of moving to Des Moines so I can be more involved with the Zoom and Z3 families. A couple of awesome opportunities are also in the works, and could be amazing job opportunities. More to come later!

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