Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Quick Update

Gonna be short and sweet. Have been putting in some good training from Coach Nick for the State Road Race. This weekend, 108 miles with the AEquity boys and we are looking for a state championship, and the lead in the Iowa Cup. Hope for a good show!!

Then on Sunday, Bethany and I fly to Florida for a week for some vacation before I start school on the 22nd. Going to Orlando, Walt Disney World where I was in 2000, so it will be cool to see how it has changed in 11 years! I am excited to start school after, however, because I will be working on my thesis and hopefully finishing up my last semester of school ever, and will be a Master of Exercise Physiology!

In September, I am hoping to get into more of a cross season but will also be full-fill my ambitions in the triathlon scene as well, doing the TriHawk and Peregrine Triathlons.

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