Sunday, November 28, 2010


Been forever since I updated, sorry!

Did the second two days of Jingle cross this weekend. My 3rd and 4th cyclocross races ever. I won and got 2nd in the first two I did this season, but as with Memorial Day weekend racing, I knew it was going to be much harder. Finished in the top half both days, but I tell ya, I need some serious work on technical riding skills. Nothing some mountain biking won't take care of.

The one thing with cyclocross, is that I have been hooked. It is a different kind of racing, but lots of fun. Next season, I am going to get into it, with proper training and racing more than a few times. Really a fun time! Was awesome to see Amanda Miller win two of three, she is going to be on fire for HTC Columbia this next season.

My first Thanksgiving Break in 8 years was pretty awesome, no swimming or early morning practices, now I see what I missed! Only two weeks until finals and another first. A winter break of almost a month. With swimming, I would have about 3 days off for a break, and at Luther we started a J-Term class January 3rd.


KAT said...

Good job out there Racing hard at Jingle - a lot of fun to see you mix it up! Well Done.

john said...

I think you are going to do very well in Cross. Seems like you need to be well over 6 feet tall these days.
Good job at Jingle X