Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Whats happening?

Hey friends/family/followers!

Not to much to report on, as no racing has really occurred since Clear Lake. Just been working at Peppers and just finished a very successful rest week on the bike last week. I have never been much for rest weeks, as I feel like I can't eat stuff I want and when on the bike, always wanna go harder than I should. It was a good week though as I said, with the whole ride style of "go out, do your work and go home". Each day I still had a purpose to be on the road, either with some shorter LT or VO2 stuff, but as soon as I was done, it was home and off the legs or work. This made for a great week of watching the TDF.
Now this week, I start my final couple weeks of preparation for the State RR/ State TT. For the first time today, I tried motor pacing. From minute one, I am hooked and hope to do it quite a bit. I was nervous for myself and my motorpacer (girlfriend Bethany) as we had never done anything like this. I could tell she was very scared, as she didn't wanna crash herself or me, but man did she do an incredible job! We have some kinks to work out with accelerations/hills/decents and stuff but had a great time at 28-30mph! It was fun cruising down the road at these speeds, when usually a race type situation is the only time such speeds would happen. Coming from behind the scooter, and sprinting was the best part, seeing 30+ mph sprints into headwinds.

I tell ya, this TDF has been fun to watch and tomorrows stage up the Tourmelet is gonna be epic! Go ANDY! I think Alberto was very thoughtful with his apology and its good to see that they are friends!
On the other hand, how about Ivan Stevic at the Tour of Quingi Lake. Wasn't this guy banned for doping for 2 years, now he comes back and shows the bird when winning? Or how about Floyd Landis wearing a Hanes T-Shirt for his TT at Cascade! Now ABC is thinking of doing a story on Floyd, I think they should tell him to get a life and move on.
This weekend is Nordic Fest in Decorah. I have been involved with this every year of my life, with family and friends living there, and having grown up in Decorah. It is a great time with food and activities. My grandpa has run the "Rock Throw" for 20+ years. A cool event, Women thrown a 50lb rock, (sub) 150 men thrown 50, 150-200lb men throw 75lb and 200+ throw a 100lb rock! Looking forward to reacquainting with friends from Luther and getting some good food!


the mostly reverend said...

so carsen, what ARE you saying about racers who have been banned for doping?

Carson said...

I just don't see how he can have any moral belief to be able to do that. I don't think it is a very class move...that is all.

Anonymous said...

Kind of a hypocritical stance, being as you race on a team with someone who has been banned for doping.

Carson said...

Yeah, I guess very hypocritical. At least that guy came clean right away and didn't accept a million dollars to prove his innocence. And he is a classy individual, who won't flip the bird on the finish line. Sorry that makes him a horrible person.

Why the anonymous name? Can't you reveal your position with confidence?