Sunday, December 20, 2009

Mid Season Report

Hey everybody,
Hope the holidays are treating you well. I don't get much of a holiday as we are at Luther until the 23rd for our winter training. No trip to a warm place this year, but its still fun. Nothing to worry about but sleep and swimming! Swimming fairly fast and continuing to feel better in the water. Should be a good last half of the year. Hard to believe that I only have less than 2 months of swimming left in my scholastic career. I have swam since the 7th grade, and don't know what I will do without it...... I guess I'll take up cycling all year around, would really enjoy picking up cyclocross!!!

Speaking of cycling, I mentioned that I will be racing for Mercy-Specialized Elite Team next year, and I am stoked. A great bunch of guys, and I know I can continue to learn a lot.

I officially received my Cat 2 upgrade yesterday thanks to Rick Paulos!

I will be starting my 2010 season on Jan 3rd. A month earlier than normal, but I believe it is warranted with some much longer races early on in the year. I will still have swimming 3 + hours a day, but with no class, I hope to get in at least 1 hour if not 2 during the day in between, just some good base mileage!

Check back for updates. Looking forward to seeing everyone again!

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