Sunday, April 25, 2010

Old Capital Crit Race Report

Been a bit since my last post so I will update you on school and training, about the only things I am doing. School is winding down, and I just finished editing my senior paper, a total of 40 pages. The paper was written on Nutrition in Endurance Athletes. Couldn't believe I wrote that much one one subject, but it was very interesting to research and I will present on May 12th to the HPE faculty.

So back to the main priority of life :) Cycling

This week was good, putting in over 15 hours on the bike with 2 VO2 days and a couple longer tempo rides with the boys up here in Decorah.

Had the swim banquet yesterday at Luther, and then rode back with parents to Cedar Rapids for the night, so I could race Old Cap today. The threat of rain almost made me not wanna race, but have to learn how to do it sometime! A great atmosphere, and venue for the race that drags many teams from the midwest to Iowa City for battle. Steve Tilford and his team, ISCorp, Texas Roadhouse were all regional powerhouse teams that took part today. My legs were feeling more open than earlier this week so I was looking to do well.

Fast forward a couple laps and I already find myself at the back......what? I started off well and didn't really get passed by many people, but I guess the insane pass set by Texas Roadhouse at the front popped off guys earlier than me. I came unglued about 12 laps in to the race and rode tempo for a few laps before Chris Eastburn came up. We rode for another 5 laps or so before being pulled off the course. Pat Lemiuex took a great win, riding solo for all but 8 laps or so?

A big blow to the mentality so far this year, have been putting in so much more training than I ever have before, but no results to show yet. I guess it doesn't matter good your preparations are when you only start on the bike in Feb. Most of these guys have been riding all winter, or December. I guess I just have to work, work, and work some more to try and gain the fitness needed. Also need to become more comfortable at higher speeds within a pack. I have no problems being 2 inch from another persons handlebars going down a hill or cornering, but I always seem to tap the brakes when it is un-needed.

This next week is pretty chill at school, so I look to have another good week and will be incorporating more high intensity VO2 type efforts to try and find my top end speed.

Schedule coming up looks like LaCrosse Fitness Festival Criterium next Sunday and possibly Joe Martin Stage Race the week after.


Anonymous said...

you probably need to ride more.

Chad Bishop said...

Just stay the course, you seem to have a solid training plan.

Doing Joe Martin sounds like a great experience, give it a shot if it is still an option. You have nothing to lose and can add some more race-related fitness and experience.

john said...

Right on! Stay the course. You are so incredibly young and have a lot of time in your racing gig.